MODEL:                                              CLS 750               LS 550               LS 650               LS 750                 XLS 970

Sq Ft:                                               10,000 Sq ft         5,000 Sq ft         8,000 Sq ft      10,000 Sq ft        15,000 Sq ft

Airwatts:                                                625                        465                     525                     625                         675

Suction:                                                132"                        137"                     128"                    132"                        147"

Tangential Motor Size:                      6.6"                         5.7"                       5.7"                    6.6"                        8.4"

Cooling Intake Muffler:                    Yes                          Yes                       Yes                     Yes                         Yes

Noise Reduction:                          Quiet Pack           Quiet Pack          Quiet Pack       Quiet Pack            Quiet Pack

Dirt Capacity:                                 22L/6 ga1              9L/5 ga1               9L/5 ga1            9L/5 gal                28L/7 gal

Bag* or Bagless:                             Bag only            Both (hybrid)       Both (hybrid)    Both (hybrid)     Both (hybrid)

Warranty or Registration:           10 Years                 10 Years                10 Years              10 Years               15 Years


It’s what’s inside that counts.

When you select the Signature™ Series of central vacuum systems, you immediately take a step up with the heavy duty performance and longevity of a Tangential Bypass Motor. Unlike Flow-Thru motors which use vacuumed air to cool the motor, Tangential motors have a dedicated “fresh air” cooling fan for optimal cooling. This maximizes its life expectancy and provides Signature™ with a premium source of power.

The Signature™ series is designed for mid to large homes where families, pets, and active daily activities will push a central vacuum system day in and day out.


  • High Efficiency HEPA Filtration System that captures up to 99.97% of allergens @ .3 mircon.
  • Cooling Intake Muffler circulates fresh air during operation, allowing the motor to stay cool for a longer life and quiet operation.
  • 3 Pack Allergen Bags included with all Signature™ models.
  • Industry Leading 10 to 15 Year Warranty for the ultimate in peace of mind.

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